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  • Introducing...

    India’s first B2B credit wallet

    Sellers get Instant Payment

    Offload credit risk and
    generate immediate

    Buyers can pay after
    Credit Period

    Enjoy credit up to 90 days,
    while sellers gets
    money upfront.

    Facilitating Frictionless B2B

    Sell hassle-free to anyone,

Whats so special ? Our Features

Sellers get instant payment

Quick and Seamless Transaction

Paperless Process

Buyers get unsecured credit(Not loan)

India's first B2B credit wallet, making extending credit to buyers easy and secure.

SME-fit product

What's in for you? Our Benefits


Zero credit risk

Instant Payments

Reduce Recovery Cost

Improve cash flows

Increase customer base


Collateral free credit

Quick transaction

Get true market price

Increase profitability

Access to the best suppliers

What's the idea ? Our Concept



  • Ever turned down a customer because you don’t know his credentials?
  • Ever turned down a customer because you don’t have geographical presence?
  • Ever turned down a customer because you don’t have the liquidity to offer him credit?



  • Ever turned down a seller because he didn’t offer you credit?
  • Ever turned down a seller because you didn’t have the capital to pay upfront?
  • Ever turned down a seller because his credit rates were unfavourable ?

We got a solution !

Creditperiod.com allows you to grow your business multifold by letting you sell to existing and potential customers without having to worry about the payment.

How does it work ? Our Process

Credit Period

What should you do ? Sign Up

Give us a try and you’ll wonder how you ever did business without us?

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